Why is social media so difficult to measure?


Why is that you keep hearing about how you can quantify ROI, yet still feel stuck? Maybe these reasons are holding you back.

By Kristin Piombino

What’s the best way to measure social media?
That’s the million-dollar question in the PR and social media world these days.

In an attempt to find an answer, industry pros weighed in with their opinions in a recent #measurePR chat, a Twitter chat where PR pros discuss PR and social media measurement.

A few participants offered up these ideas about why ROI is so difficult to track:

Brands don’t have objectives in which to attach measurements.(@karimacatherine)
People are unsure about what ROI actually is. (@jenzings)
Practitioners make it harder than it has to be because they won’t measure social media like they measure other communications efforts. (@RichBecker)
The way you calculate ROI depends on what the client wants its customers to do. Does the client want them to buy, stay loyal to the company, evangelize, or do something else? (@ExtremelyAvg)
To make measuring ROI a little easier, this week’s guest, Marshall Spondor @smanalyticsbook, suggested breaking down business goals and matching them with a corresponding measurement goal. He said that measurement and business functions need to be defined at the same time.

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